For us its all about photography here! We offer services for car, product and wedding photography, but we will also showcase photography that we just enjoy doing like street, travel and minimalist.

We are two photographers with our own unique styles, but we work very well together. Everything we offer will have two separate styles, angles and distincts views of the unfolding event.

Ludwine grew up in France and with a masters degree in Mathematics decided to work in the world of IT as a developer and finally a data engineer, bringing Mathematics and coding together. However, something was still missing….. so she took her first mini-retirement at the age of 31 and travelled for 3 months through Nepal, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia! You can find out more on her dedicated blog Tech Beyond Borders.

Graham is a Welsh South African, meaning he was born in Wales (UK) and grew up mostly in Cape Town (South Africa). Having studied in Syndey Australia and travelled through Indonesia, Malaysia and New Zealand he spent many years in the corporate world of finance, technology and being an IT specialist in the data field. Now life is taking a different turn and moving away from the corporate world.

We have since travelled together around France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai more about this can be found on our dedicated travel blog Just Our Blog. And will shortly be based in Marseille to expand other aspects of our lives.

Together we give a fresh perspective for any project that we work on.